Bravado, Medela, Playtext and Emma Jane

Gone are the days when pregnant and nursing mothers were bound to bed. Now nurses return to work, go out and meet friends and other moms and they want a nursing bra that they feel comfortable and one that looks elegant.

Today, there are all kinds of nurses to meet all requirements. There are 5 types of nursing bras; bras that hook up, between the cups, bras as unzip at the base of the cup, bras that have a bracket or button on the front strap to allow access, bras that are stretchy and provide very easy access and nighttime nursing bras. Maternity bras come in all sizes as well, ranging from petite to plus size nursing bras. The following brands of nursing bras offer some or all of these characteristics.

Bravado nursing bras are extremely popular. Bravado maternity bras comes in one of three areas: Bravado Original Nursing Bra, Bravado Supreme Nursing Bra and Bravado Lifestyle Nursing Bra. The original child comes in 3 styles: Basic, Plus Style and Double Plus Style. Choosing which one suits you depends on whether you expect, have just been born or have been breastfeeding for a while. If you are a new mother, Bravado Original Nursing is the only one for you. All bra are made of a super soft cotton / spandex mixed fabric, for maximum support and altered body shape. Bravado Supreme Nursing Bra is for the fuller-breasted woman. Unlike other fullare-breasted bras, the Supreme is not under-wired but still keeps its shape all day long. Bra also has a delicate embossed fabric, which is strong but silky to the touch – the clothes slip over what makes breastfeeding very easy. Bravado Lifestyle Nursing Bra is a very chic – I dare say sexy – bra with low necklaces, molded copper that gives an incredibly smooth, seamless shape that is very flattering under tops and dresses. The necklace and the band have a very feminine lace edge and the thoraxes are open for full access to breastfeeding.

Medela nursing bras come in many types – too many to provide an in-depth review. But here's the interval with some comments. Medela Comfort Bra will probably fit most nursing mothers. It is for both day and night and Medela says it is the only "soft" bra available with comfortable handles for easy care – although other manufacturers may disagree. Medela Comfort Bra is an excellent maternity bridge, but not the best looking you can buy. Medela Seamlees Bra Line is an excellent breastfeeding child and it is difficult to find a better nursing bra. The seamless assortment will all come with a low neckline with a delicate lacy pattern woven into the fabric. Medela also claims that the two-part cup has a unique one-handed outer cup release that allows easy opening for breastfeeding – again others would disagree. The bra provides an even, natural line under whatever you wear. The seamless line is available in several different types, so it is necessary to be one that suits every nursing mode. The different types are available; Softcup, Full Fit and Underwire. Medela has recently released Sleep Bra. It is made of very soft, stretchy fabric that makes it easy to connect to breastfeed. It's nothing to snap with buttons, buttons or flashes in the middle of the night. Medela Classic Bra is very feminine and elegant. Again, the neck is low and the tip's "softcup" is made of soft and cool cotton-Lycra. The bowl size also adapts to 3 positions to enable the breast's changed shape throughout the day. You can also buy Medela Extended Size Classic Good for the fuller breast woman – incidentally, the brake is designed to work with the Medela Pumping Free Attachment Kit.

Playtex Expectant Moments Nursing Bra is a very elegant motherhood brain. The neck is very low and the cups are soft inside with a pointelle fabric outside. The fabric used is polyester, cotton, nylon and spandex. The combination of fabric provides support, comfort, coolness and easy adjustment. The bra is attached using a double hook on the back and there are fold-down front tabs, which have a plastic lock on the top of the cup. Playtex Expectant Moments bra is a very stylish but very affordable nursing bra.

Goddess's nursing bras are made by the same company that also manufactures Rigby & Peller, Fantasie of England and Freya, so you can be sure of their quality. The goddess makes 2 types of nursing bras, 1001 and 511. 1001 The goddess nursing brother is unusual because it has bold printed forms in red, black and white, printed above nursing cups – the idea is to visually stimulate children during breastfeeding. Bra is made of 100% pure cotton. The neck is quite low and the brake has wide straps for maximum comfort. 511 is the more feminine design. 511 Goddess nursing bra is made of cotton / polyester fabric, embossed with a lace design. It has double shoulder straps for easy breastfeeding.

As you would expect Elle Macpherson Nursing Bra is feminine, sexy and expensive. Elle Macpherson La Mere chest stretcher is very lacey, on both bands and the stretchy lace cups. The cups are lined with 100% cotton for comfort. Elle Macpherson Maternelle Nursing Bra is also a very beautiful nursing bra. Bra is seamless, comes with wide straps and light clips that allow the cup to be opened with one hand. Elle Macpherson nursing bras are very feminine and sexy but they come at a price; not a bra you can wear every day but surely the one to wear for that special occasion.

Gone are the days when nurses hid indoors. Now, a mother who is breastfeeding can find a nursing bra that suits her needs. from comfortable and regular chest to expensive and stylish chest. Breastfeeding moms can now go out into the world with their heads high and their coffins out.