Can Weight Lifting Straps Make You Stronger?

Most guys who work out in the gym want to get stronger, bigger, fuller muscles, that's a fact. But the journey to this summit is not always the usual sailing. To get bigger you have to lift heavier and lift heavier you rely on having healthy joints and well-developed connective tissue.

For example, it is a well-known fact that the muscles become stronger and grow much faster than tendons and ligaments that connect muscles to bones and lead to joints. These structures are not so fast to strengthen and this can lead to inflammation and pain in the joints.

Unfortunately, it's just about waiting for the inflamed areas to recover before pushing on, or masking the pain and discomfort with painkillers etc.

But there is another area where many guys struggle to make some gains and this is the forearms or more specific grip strength. This is where weightlifting bands can be a great help to progress.

But can one use the gravitational force to produce stronger muscles?

The answer to this is both yes and no!

If we take the dead lift as an example to answer this question. The main muscles are latisimus dorsi, trapezius, hamstrings and quadriceps. The weak link in all this is the forearms because they are a relatively small muscle group compared to any of the above.

If you want fatigue any or all of the above great muscles but your forearms are not strong enough to keep the weight long enough it won't happen. So the solution is to use lifting straps to solve the problem.

This means that we have eliminated the weak link – the forearms, but they will not be stronger because the straps work instead. So the forearms do not get stronger with the help of gravity.

But will other muscles become stronger?

The answer to this is a definite "YES". In an ideal world you could manage without them, but if you want to make some real progress and keep the weights of your big exercises dependent on pulling movements, you will always remove the weakest link using strips. make a big difference to your strength.

Another good thing about using lifting straps is that they can remove the burning pain and painful pumping up, feeling that you often get into your forearms when you have done heavy pulling exercises back and forth.

Let's say in one of your workouts you combine wide chin ups, simple rows of arms, dead lifts and shoulders together. This is a lot of work for your forearms, especially when you think of the weights you should use on some of the above. These are mass building exercises and you have to use heavy weights. Without help, it is inevitable that the forearms would give up long before any of the other muscles you actually tried to beat.

So the answer to the question is that weightlifting straps do not help you develop stronger forearms but it will definitely help you build bigger, stronger, larger muscle groups when doing some pulling movements.