Country French Furniture That Screams Style

The country French style of decorating is quite popular, thanks to its unique sense of charm and natural sense of style. Country French furniture pieces traditionally have a simple and homely look, but with subtly beautiful designs and details that add visual interest. This interior design can work well in the bedroom, living room, kitchen or even the bath. If you want to add some French furniture to your home, here are some tips that you can use to make the most elegant choices.

Country French in the dining room

A beautiful table is always the centerpiece of a dining room decorated in the French style. Depending on your taste, you will find table styles that are more decorative and ornate, as well as simpler and more rustic styles. Country French dining tables are usually large, rectangular or round and finished in a gentle manner. You can often find these tables with painted wooden legs and an oiled wooden board. Although the table style is often simple, the chairs provided often have interesting curved details or hand-cut accents. Dining chairs often have seating chairs and backs, which can pair with pretty patterned pillows to make them a little more comfortable.

When you are looking for other French French pieces to decorate your dining room or kitchen, you will often find those who have a homespun motif. Flowers, barnyard animals or rural scenes are all common themes. Color schemes often focus on sunny yellow shades, soft gold, beautiful lavender or lively blues. These colors are as common in French furniture pieces as they are in the beautiful country landscape of France.

Country French in the bedroom

If you are looking for a way to add comfort, warmth and a wonderful rustic feel to your bedroom, French furniture can be the perfect choice. Furniture pieces often have a robust and durable look, but with beautiful details that give a lot of charm. The overall appearance is often somewhat eclectic, with the touch of romance and old-fashioned appeal. A handmade country French bed can be combined with simple side tables and an authentic styled cupboard, wardrobe or armoire for clothing storage. Color combinations like gold and blue or gold and red can put visible tension in the bedroom without disturbing its soft heartbeat. You will often find bedroom furniture with naturally finished wooden boards in combination with painted legs.

In the bedroom you can complete the country French look with country styles and bedding. Although the "shabby chic" decoration style, which is based in France, is very popular, you can also choose a slightly more formal look if you prefer. Anyway, the overall look is fresh, rustic and natural, with a little romantic aura. If you prefer a slightly more ornate look, focus on antique French furniture pieces. The average French home is decorated with a combination of antique pieces that are handed out over the years and more modern pieces, so don't be afraid to mix and match to create a wonderful eclectic style.