Differences Between Nylon and Leather Weight Lifting Belts

One of the first decisions that you must make when deciding to buy a weightlifting belt is if you want to choose a nylon belt or a leather. There are pros and cons to go both ways. What you choose depends on your personal preferences and the type of lift you make.

The leather belts are head restraints in the weight lifting belts. They have been around since the first person decided to wear a belt while lifting and still being a favorite today for good reason. These belts not only look harder than their nylon components, they are harder. They offer unparalleled support to help you lift the maximum weight and for this they are a favorite among people who make lifts and tricks.

On the downside, the rough edges of the skin often irritate human skin, especially if the skin is sensitive. Today you can find many padded leather belts with softer edges that are designed to literally take the edge of this. Leather straps cannot always be closed to fit certain body types because they need to use a pin and hole system to close the belt. Because of this, you should always try on your belt before you leave the store or shop at an online real estate agent who has a good return policy.

While the nylon belts do not have the same history as the leather, they are becoming increasingly popular with weightlifters. They are generally a little softer on your skin, which appeals to many people. They also give you a little more freedom of movement than the leather belts do. This is a plus for many power monitors, who need extra support, but are also trained and do not want their belt to limit their explosive movements.

The disadvantage of nylon straps is that they do not offer nearly as much support as the leather belts do. Because of this, many disperse them in favor of what is sometimes as comfortable padded leather belts.