Do You Have Plastic Shopping Bags In Front Of The Radiator?

I went out to the mailbox one morning to send a letter.

I noticed that the local sanitary car lost several plastic Wal-Mart shopping bags.

About an hour later, this guy pulls up to the store.

His car ran hot … steam came from underneath


The temperature was 110o in the shade and the humidity was

so heavy you had to have a machete just to walk around

outside … yes, maybe not so thick, but it was heavy.

We raised the hood of his Thunder Chicken. "Even Fords

get hot in this kind of weather, "I said.

The engine had cooled, some, so I removed the cover from the radiator …

it was just barely low on coolant.

I told him to turn the engine and I put some water in it,

then we are looking for a leak.

When I sprayed water on top of the radiator to cool it,

I noticed a blue plastic bag in front of the AC condenser.

I showed it to him.

"That's probably why she warmed up," I told him as I pointed to it.

"I followed a garbage truck earlier," he said, "but

I passed him because some debris fell out. "

"Well, you helped him," I said when I didn't remove one, though

three of the plastic bag.

"How is it?" he asked.

"You picked up what he lost."

He thanked me and said, "If she starts to warm up again,

I'll be back, "with a glimpse as he drove off.

I guess it cured it, because he never came back.