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I work with many students who study martial arts on their own at home. Many follow my video training series, while others use our online dojo to add more value to their own workout program. Some of these home study martial arts artists have their own training strategies and are just looking for another edge to add more value to their own efforts. These students all need training tools, ideas, tips, tools – you are called. Something that will help them improve their martial arts skills while exercising at home.

Whether you want to save money or just add some unique training tools to your home dojo, the best campaign for martial arts to date is TIRES.

Why? Because there are so many things you can do with tires. Here are some ways to get them to use:


Get yourself a lot of car tires and stack them up on top of each other. You will want between 5-10 for each bar you make. Just stacking them up already gives you a good punching and kicking tool. Because the tires are made of a very hard rubber, they can take a lot to beat with little or no wear.

If you want to keep the tire stack from falling over, you can design a way to keep them on top of each other. One simple way is to place them on top of a pole type equipment – for example, take a tire and fill it with cement, in the middle of the cement site a wooden or metal pole. Then simply cover the tires up over the pole. Another way to hold them together would be to drill holes in the rim of each tire and then tighten long bolts or tie them up. If you cut through the tire (breaking the circle) you can pull it up and wrap it around a solid beam, tree or other structure that does not allow the tire to fit over the top. Headlights and telephone bars are great if you live in an area that offers such freedom.

These deck decks are amazing. Here are some of the benefits:

* You can attack them with shoes on – for a more realistic practice practice

* You can beat them with sticks and wooden swords without fear of damaging dummy

* You can use them for protection against dangerous surfaces in your training area

* They take up some of the shock and different tire styles offer different levels of flexibility

* Look them up for swinging targets

With some creativity you can create a very realistic training dummy. You can even place wooden poles through the tires to resemble limbs and for something that is closer to a Wing Chun Dummy.

You can usually pick up tires for free at a local deck shop. We have been able to collect some truck damage on deck in just one day for our martial arts camp in California. We used them for paintball hurdles, training equipment for martial arts training and stunt protection as well as exercise dummies.

Whether you're hanging them, halving them, packing them around trees or stacking them over – various sizes of tires offer a world of great training opportunities. Take a look at the areas where you are able to practice and consider what you can do to improve your home dojo.

Even if you make your own tire man, dummy will cover most of your workouts, you may consider other ways to use them.

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