Protect Your Skin From The Sun With A Rash Guard

The first question you may have is "what is the outcome?"

A watchman, (AKA: rashguard, rashie, surf shirt and other names), is a sweater made of nylon lycra designed to be worn in the water to protect your skin. It is designed to fit on the skin so that it stops and does not float around the chest in the water.

During many water activities such as surfing and body planning, your skin is in constant contact with an object in the water and it can cause painful rashes. Even if you wear a life jacket during a day of water skiing or snorkeling, it can cause rashes.

Release protection also provides UV protection with a classification of SPF 50+.

Determine your need:

When dealing with a tee shirt, the first question you should ask yourself is "what do I want my watchman?".

Many uses:

You may be interested in buying a skin protection against UV protection for yourself or your children.

Spray protection is a good choice for UV protection because they offer SPF 50+ protection that will be all day (in or out of the water), are not messy like some sunscreen and need not be used again to give you all day protection.

If UV protection is your primary reason for buying a rash, long sleeves are recommended because they provide the most coverage and thus the most protection.

If you are a surfer or body boarder who is more interested in impact protection, be sure to get the right size because you want a nicely fit rash so that the shirt pinches in the body. In this way, it will be in place and maintain a protective barrier between you and your board.

For you women surfers and body boarders a rash protective shirt will also protect your expensive swimsuit from wearing the rub on your board.

You may also want long sleeves if you tend to rub the inside of your arms against your board while paddling.

If you get a rash for your young children, you might want to consider getting a bright color (ie, yellow or red) to make it easier to fit in the water, especially if it is a cramped day at the beach, lake Egypt pool.

Talk about pools, remember that high chlorine (ie public pools) pools will damage the rash because chlorine will eat in the nylon-lycra fabric (ladies, you know you can't bleach your nylons, right?).

Say you're not a surfer or body boarder, but just someone goes on a cruise or summer vacation where you're in snorkeling or floating with a fancy drink in your hand.

If you are lucky enough to shop for a rash for this type of use, get one in a suit that suits your swimsuit or swimsuits and go about a bigger size. That way, you look good and are comfortable while protecting yourself from getting a tan and possibly ruining your trip. Ladies, you might want to get more than one color to take on your trip so you can mix and match with your swimsuits.

When you are dealing with a rash, it is time to take a moment and ask yourself some questions about what you want to have a guard to give you and what to wear. In this way, you are sure to make a purchase that you are satisfied with and you get a rash to fulfill your needs.