Purse Making 101: How to Choose Your Sewing Machine

The first thing you can think of when looking for a sewing machine to make a purse is the level of sewing you see. Is it fun or do you start a business? If it is just a casual handbag that might make you want to buy a good home machine. If your sewing needs are more for profit, an industrial machine is recommended.

Your first sewing machine

If this is your first machine, don't be afraid to choose one with power. You should have a machine that has the power to sew a variety of fabrics. Home appliances vary greatly in this. The cheaper models are generally a little low on power so they sew a lot of s-1-o-w-l-y. Although you may want to start with this as a beginner, you will find that you are rapidly expanding this machine and would look to invest in a more powerful one in no time. To avoid this frustration, it is recommended that you invest in a model that can move. Perhaps a portable commercial machine is worth considering.

What kind of sewing machine do you need?

While you can sew a bag with a flatbed machine, you can use a cylinder arm machine to enter a plate scale that does not dare. It is not important to have a lot of features on your machine, but when you develop in your skill you may like to have nice accessories and extra benefits. The machine's best needs are:

  • A good stable straight stitch

  • Back stitch or reverse capacity

  • One way to create buttonholes

  • A zigzag stitch

  • A good presser foot (adjustable)

  • speed / effect

While these features may be common to most home use, an industrial or commercial machine can be good for fast and heavy sewing, but is on the other features if you don't invest in the attachments. It is a good idea to shop at various retailers to see how many machines are available and try a sample of the fabric you are going to use.

When looking for a new sewing machine get advice from a local sewing machine repairman. He is usually aware of what's on the market, their functions and the availability of parts to a particular machine. He can also lead you to one that is excellent for sewing on bags.

Although most of us would rather have a brand new out of the box machine, it is often better to invest in a used or refurbished commercial sewing machine that will be a lifetime. Industrial sewing machine dealers generally offer guarantees on their used machines. So if everything you want, you have the money and the desire to sew on your wallets, you might just want to cut the hunt and buy a good industrial sewing machine.