Sand Socks

In volleyball, sand socks are used when playing on a beach. You can also play indoor volleyball on sand, in courts shielded by nets. The socks are designed so that you do not physically touch the sand and give you extra traction. I know many people who do not like to go on sand because it comes in between their toes. Sand also has a limited transaction. When driving along a beach, about 15% of your energy is probably wasted when the sand slips away. What this means is that any extra transaction or grip that you can get when playing beach volleyball is very valuable. These kinds of socks have been around for a long time, but have recently become more popular.

You can buy these sand socks in a few different colors, and they are often molded around each toe for added comfort. These socks keep the sand away from the feet and provide extra traction. Sand socks also have other advantages. If you play in a climate where it is cold, they will help you keep your feet warm. There is nothing worse than playing a sport that involves a lot of running and not knowing your feet. In contrast, many countries have weather that will burn your skin within an hour unless you wear sunscreen. Rather than putting sun protection on and then having a sand stick for you, people choose to wear sand socks.

These stop the sun from burning their feet, and they are also very comfortable. Sand socks are not only used in volleyball; They are used for many other sports that are based around the beach. Beach Soccer (or football) is a good example of this. They are also used for snorkeling and SCUBA diving.