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Hiking Socks Reviews For and by the Hikers

Maybe you can enjoy the comfort of wearing a pair of cotton hose socks, especially when playing basketball. You liked it most because it feels very comfortable on your feet while wearing your rubber boots. Now put on them and use a pair of hiking shoes, try to hike even ...

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Hiking Clothes

Hiking is one of the world's most popular pastimes; But what do you need to be a hiker, yes a certain high height is a strong start, but what about your clothes? You want to be comfortable and protected while you are out on the track. What types of clothes ...

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7 tips for hiking in Norway in the beautiful Lofoten

7 Tipps für das Wandern in Norwegen auf den wunderschönen Lofoten 7 tips for hiking in Norway in the beautiful Lofoten. The landscape of Lofoten is versatile, unique and consists of 80 small islands. They are scattered on the turbulent waters of the European North Sea, far above the Arctic ...

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