The HDTVs Around


Oleva VCF-32FDV1U is a 32-inch TV that offers full HD 1920x1080p resolution, 4000: 1 contrast ration and a very fast video response. Other features include multiple connection options with one side and three rear HDMI inputs.

Oleva VCF-42FDV1U is a 42-inch HDTV with full HD 1920x1080p resolution, 4000: 1 aspect ratio and fast response along with three rear and one-sided HDMI inputs.


Sylvania LC320SLX is a 32-inch HDTV that offers 720p resolution with a response of 8ms. The pictures are clear and bright with the clear pixmotor.

Sylvania LD195SSX is a 19 inch HDTV / DVD combination that offers more than just a TV set with built-in DVD player.


The Vizio 65-inch LED lamp XVT3D650SV offers Vizio Internet Apps, an online widget service that includes Amazon Video On Demand, Netflix, Vudu, as well as a built-in dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth remote control with an image QWERTY keyboard.

VIZIO Razor LED E320VP offers 32 inches of 100,000: 1 dynamic contrast and touch sensitive controls that illuminate when your hand is close.


Samsung 63 "Class 8000 Series 3D 1080p Plasma HDTV offers bio-quality 3D and full HD 1080p 2D, smart TV with web-connected Samsung apps and 600Hz, with great detail and reduced big with the real black filter.

The Samsung 37 "Class 5000 Series 1080p LED HDTV offers the ability to synchronize media from multiple devices with Allshare, Full HD 1080p and megadynamic contrast and a super ultra slim design that is only 1.2 inches deep.

These are just some of the brands you find today when you search for your HDTV, there are many other brands including Sony, Panasonic and LG.