The Highlight of LV Handbags in 2010 Spring

If you are a fan of LV handbags, you are meant to be crazy about the 2010 series in the spring and summer. You can see the fashion trends for LV handbags from the Paris fashion week as the mixture of different materials and colors becomes common. The vintage design, fur and Indian fringed decoration is the design focus for this season. The exaggerated bags maximize the travel function of backpacks and shoulder bags. The gorgeous pink and bright green of animal fur fits perfectly together to show luxury and leisure.

The shoulder strap sacks show a perfect combination of transition colors and animal fur. With the pink and shinning greens you get our breath. The designers smartly decorate the fox fur on the side of the handbag so that the naughty feeling comes out of it. It fits all clothes, so both simple and complicated clothes can be a perfect match.

The coarse tassels continue to be popular and the leather texture is full of natural flavor. Also, the combination of brown leather and tassels does not lower the vintage style. The simple, elegant design drives the casual style of the mainstream. Both backpacks or simple shoulders make you look smart so that the comfortable leisure series will be enriched by the overall style.

The thin-shaped bag is derived from the fashion of fabric and jeans. Thin bag doesn't mean you have to travel with it because exaggeration and comfort are the main theme of this season. The soft fabric and denim texture can give the natural feel of your life. The comfortable casual clothes are a perfect choice for this bag.

The super big suitcase can be your daily accessory this season. The large size becomes the symbol of unique. Women like to carry the big bag even when they don't have so much staff in their bag. The cool clothes will draw attention from others, such as the casual neutral costume.

The classic logo is printed on the fabric in the transition color and another new style is created by LV. Compared to the above styles, this bag can easily be accepted by most and is easy to match. The basic rule is that the comfortable clothes and the large bag can be a good choice.

The small waist bag can have a complicated design by LV. When the tassels and fox fur are added as the bag's decoration, the personal elements are connected to show the exquisite. The clothes that can show youthful power are strongly recommended to match with this handbag.

The Q edition purse is a perfect example for the retro style. The unique color and fabric of the LV does not lose its original unique charm of the noble through the shape change and also gives a sense of beauty. The Indian style decoration for this bag inadvertently increases the aesthetic property. To fit well with this bag you can choose a small dress or dinner dress.